Crazy Turquoise

    HI all!

    Yesterday I changed my mani because really wanted to try out this nail polish combi. Anyways, I tried to make a stamping nail design but I really need to practice a lot in placing and and be as accurate as possible! But I can say that stamping kit which I've got from swap with ThRiSzHa works much easier and better then The Face Shop stamps.

    This is my new nail polish I found in Aritaum store called Crazy Green. Also I layered it with a turquoise glitter nail polish (I think it's a small pieces of foil) and for stamping used TFS Nail Talk in BK901. Shimmer top coat makes the black flowers a bit blurry but it looks sparkly and gorgeous on sunlight tho :P 


    Aritaum nail polish in Crazy Green #54. 2 coats. I love this nail polish by far! Definatelly lemming for more bright colors! I saw bright blue, canary yellow and a ton of matte polishes there, yay! very exciting to get them.

    Sunlight washes off a bit of color... It's much brighter in real.


    Also I finally found thin art brush tip nail pen which. It was only in black, but anyways I have to try out it as well. I wish here in Korea will be more developed for nail art products like nail art stamps and all that stuff!


    And finally before I took off my cracked polish I decided to put some Hello Kitty on and see how it works. And I found that all VoV nail polishes that I have works pretty nice for stamping :) For this images I just used regular white nail polish by VoV Chamon.


    And thats all for now. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask them and please check out FAQ. I added some answers on your questions lately.

    Thank u for looking! Have a great day!

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Cracking Nails

    Hey Lovelies! Finally all holidays finished and my life back to normal lol~

    Recently I did a nail polish swap with ThRiSzHa and she sent me this black cracking nail polish. Seriously, this is 3rd time I've tried to put it on :P But thanx to ThRiSzHa, she taught me how to apply it correctly. For the main color I used another nail color from this swap Allue in Neon Orange.


    Here is more things from Thriszha. Yay! Thank u so much! I am so exciting because I've got my very first Hello Kitty stamping kit, can't wait to play with it. Also water decals, nail stickers and nail stones are so adorable! And she sent me a small container of i.d. bare minerals but I forgot to get picture of it :(

    Look at these goodies, yay!..


    Thats it for now! Thanks for looking!


    Hey girls! This is another entry for Fab Nailarts weekly challenge. The theme for the week was "Floral". So I decided to do some simple camomiles. Click HERE to see more of FLORAL entries :)

    Nail Polishes used:

    VoV nail polish in White


    Because of the such sparkly nail polish I used as main color my camera didn't focused. But here is a few good shots I guess.


    Also I bought a bunch of different nail stuffies. Very exciting to try out Nail Cocktail polishes. As well as I bought nail hardener and nail strightener things, gonna grow long nails :) Found a new Peripera nail polishes, can't wait to try them too.


    Thats it! Thanx for looking!

Ghosts for Halloween

    Hey ladies! Sorry for being completely MIA, because of these holidays here in Korea I am absolutely don't have any time on blogging and all those stuff. But the other day I played with some different designs for Halloween and such... Kindda created ghosts, do they look like a ghosts?

    Ghosts for Halloween

    And here I swatched my new nail polishes I bought lately.

    Magenta by Lofes. Application in 2 coats.


    Purple Sparkle by Eclipse. Application in 2 coats. Clear based nail polish with a bunch of purple glitters.


    Watermelon Green by Lofes. 2 coats.


    Bikini Orange by Eclipse. 2 layers.


    I like all those nail polishes. Very nice payoff. Dries for a normal time. Available like everywhere here in Korea.

    Gonna grab some more bright colors :P

    Thats all for today! Thank u for looking and have a nice day!

Pink Starfall

    Hey nail polish lovers! xoxo~

    The other day I've got some nail glitters and today I had a chance to play with them. It is a traditional Korean holidays starts from tomorrow called Chusok and I do not want to get my nails look too bright. So I stopped on this nail design using pearl pink glitters, pink nail polish and some TheFaceShop nail stickers.



    Here is a main pink color by d.te Celebrity. It is korean brand nail polish. Kindda like them a lot. I own only 3 different colors and all of them has a very nice payoff.

    d.te nail polish in Real Pink. Application in 2 layers.


    I found some new nail polishes in my local supermarket. Like the colors but didn't swatched them yet.


    Thats it! Thanx for looking!

Eastern Style

    Hey all!

    When the girls from Fab Nailarts on Facebook invited me to take a part on weekly challenge I was very exciting. Because I am still absolutely new at this polishing deal, only 3 months or so and here is a great chance to be a part of such creative idea. Thank you so much Thriszha and Mae!

    The theme for this week was "Anything Goes" and here is my entry ... Click HERE to see more awesome entries.


    Seriously, I did my best! I really put efforts to it lol~ because I do not want to look awkward among all these nail artists :P

    My mani is East style but in final it more looks like inspired by Chinese and such... Those are not a letters tho, kindda random lines.

    Products used:

    The Face Shop base and top coat


    Yes, here I holding my Korean shoes hahaha~

    I was wear those nails for a few days and got a ton of compliments :)

    Thats it! Thanks for looking!

Glam Squares

Colorful Wave

    Hey lovelies!

    I've played with colors today and got this kind of design. Applied a thick layer of blue nail polish and a few thin lines of green and yellow on top of that blue. Next with a needle I made kind of wave motions from side to side and here is the final result.


    Looks pretty colorful :D

    What do you think? Will you wear this on everyday basis?


    Thank you for looking!

Just a Few New Nail Stuff

    Hey all! Just want to say quickly that I am so grateful for all your suggestions and recommendations about flickr and photobacket. So I chose flickr because there is a picture size function, it means that you can choose whatever size of the photo you like to post. Anyways, if anyone have such problem as mine just go for those two sites and use them to upload pictures to your blog! 


    Anyways, the other day I decided to search through beauty stores for matte finish top coat. But I didn't found any around so I asked to the lady in The Face Shop store and she is gonna get one for me.

    And I bought a few new stuff from there as well. More nail polishes by Face & It collection in PP404 and RD301, french nail liners and some glitters. I know there is "tester" lable on them but because it already sold out the lady gave me them for free (both of them absolutely new btw). Also she gave me HD BB Cream for free as well (click for the review). So now I have 2 same things, do anyone interesting in that BB cream give-away? or any swap suggestions? Coz I have absolutely new extra tube...


    This is Face & It RD301. 2 coats on. Dries very fast and looks so gorgeous on sun light!


    And another one is PP404. 2 coats on as well. Dries fast and looks just as gorgeous! But I want to mention that both of these nail polishes have kindda not smooth finish. I can feel all those glitters. Also it is so easy to take off this polishes despite that it has a lot of tiny glitters to it.

    Thats it. Not many pictures from today just coz it double work to upload them here, but I'll get it!

    Thanx for looking!

Gorgeous Gold and Ruffian Mani

    Seriously, this is such an amazing and gorgeous gold nail polish! It looks elegant and chic in any lighting! I bought this varnish by The Face Shop Face & It GL111 the other day and I am completely in love with it! It's a pedicure polish tho but who cares? I like it better on my nails :P 

    Also I was bored of wearing this color flat for a few days and I added some fun details inspired by Scrangie's mani. With my clumsy hands it was very difficult to get such design on both of the hands.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    With one brown strip and 2 stripes.

    Which one do you like more?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Guess how many nail polish coats I'm wearing?

    Thants it! Thanx for looking!

Dream Blue Water Marbling Nails

    Hi all!~ The other day I picked up blue nail polish by Organic Farm. Those are brand Korean and I don't like them very much but when I saw this baby blue color and had to get it! Coz it looks so adorable! Isn't it?

    Organic Farm in Dream Blue. Application in 2 coats.

    Also I decided to try water marbling one more time. And still damn hate this absolutely messy deal! Even wrapping with a scotch tape was included. As my second color I used PP405 by The Face Shop. Anyways, gonna re-do them right now...

    with a flash...

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thats it! Thanx for looking!

Cherry Nails

Black Lace

    Hey everyone! Another mani! Wow! This week I did kindda a lot :P Anyways I decided to do a sort of lace... Does it looks like a black lace? lol~

    Sorry for the stupid intro but I feel so sleepy right now and can't think adequately :8

    The sky after typhoon we went trough last night...

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Produts I've used:

    -Sally Girl #259 (as main nail color)

    -The Face Shop Nail Talk in PP405 (applied with a sponge on 2/3 of my nails)

    -The Face Shop Nail Talk in BK901 (used for diagonal french tips)

    -VoV Nail Cone in Silver Shoes (applied on the corner tips of black nail color) 

    -The Face Shop Face & It ShimmerTop Coat (set all the design).

    Thats it! 'till next time! Thanx for looking!

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