Different Nail Designs

    Hello people! Finally blogspot started working again! LOL~

    Today just a quick update for some of my recent manicures. I don't actually have a lot of time for blogging but I wanted to post it today, because here in Korea it is so rainy days. And I wanted to brighten up such gray days with those colorful pictures hahaha~


    Summer Nail Tips Accent 

    That was such a sunny day when I took these pictures :D

    summer tips accent

    My NOTD. And this is one more copied nail art design. I used tartofraises nail tutorial. She is another amazing nail art artist who I love! Truely love! Such wonderful free hand nail designs! Very talanted girl! Absolutely amazing with every single design of her! 

    Tartofraises's Nail Design

    Also here is my toes color which I'm wearing right now. I used The Face Shop nail polish in BL605 from Nail Pleasure collection.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Also here is some of nail designs I've made for my sister Lena. She is very nice hand model, very like making manicures for her! A huge pleasure and for me and for her :D

    This one I called PUPPIES.


    I used a sponge technique for background pattern and for the puppies I used an image plates + black special polish.


    Gradient Effect

    Again I used a sponge technique for colorful pattern and two way nail art pen in black for making the stripes.


    Floral Paradise

    I sponged blue, orange, red and green nail polishes on top of yellow color. Put on some floral 3D nail stickers and top coat.

    Here is a hand variant of my design in RUSSIAN GLINKA


    A few days ago I did the same design on my toes and it looked as pretty as on hands :D For this design I used acrilic paint in blue and nail art polish in glitter blue to contour those "petals".

    Thats all for now. Thanx for looking and following my blog :D

    Have a great week!

CHERRY + Vacation HAULs

    Hello everyone! This week goes so fast! At June 25 it was very first birthday party of my little son :) Yay! He is already 1 year old :D We also had a small foto session with both my sons :) It was such a great experience. I will show some professional *lol* pictures as soon as they will ready. Anyways, today, in my case tonight, I decided to show one of my previouse nail design which I did when stayed at my mom's place. 



    HOW TO DO:

    1. First of all I used a base coat for my nails. After that I applied a neon orange polish in 2 coats.

    2. Then I sponged a bit of a yellow color on the tips of my nails.

    3. Applied a yellow shimmery/glittery jelly.consist nail polish on top of it.

    4. Put on some cherry water decals and sealed with a top coat. Done!


    And here is some of my new items which I bought at my mom's place. I really wanted to buy another brand of polishes but I couldn't find any of them :( Also I didn't used all of them, most of polishes are still new.

    Nail art polishes with a long and thin brush; fimo wheel; nail art deco glitters.

    Nail Art Nail Polishes

    And yesterday I finaly visited The Face Shop store and bought some of new nail polishes. Cracking polishes in grey, blue and brown. Can't wait to use them :P

    The Face Shop Goodies

    I also bought a ton of other things, but seems like my google account glitching so crazy, all my pictures are simply disappeared :(

    Thats all for now. 'till next time :D

    Thanx for looking!


    Hello everyone! Just a quick update for my new FACEBOOK page. Since I have a lot and lot of friends there I decided to start a new NAIL STORY page. It'll be easier for me to follow different nail lovers there. So please check out my new page on FACEBOOK coz the old one will be deleted tomorrow. Hope to see U there.

    And as I promised I am back with my naked nails. Those are was took in a different time. Also my nails do have a yellow-ish undertone but I actually don't even care about it. Because simply, I don't wear naked nails in real life :)

    December 2010

    When I stayed at my mom's place I found such a nice product called Nail Growing Stimulator by Frenchi and it really helps me with nail growing! My nails getting long very fast!

    Naked Nails

    And before I back home I cut my nails shorter; at last May.

    Naked Nails

    Also I have just a few points of nail care to follow:

    1. Always wear a coat of nail polish >_<

    2. Always refresh nail edges each manicure by foiling them >_<

    3. Always make ur cuticle and under nail area moisturized >_<

    Love4Nails Idea

    I am so excited today, my hubby just bought to me Sumsung Galaxy SII phone and I can take a pictures with it :D So here it is YAY! BTW, this is not my design, I just copied Love4Nails tutorial I LOVE her nails a lot! She is such a talant and gave a ton of inspiration!

    Leopard Print

    Here is a nails of my sister Lena. Just a simple leopard print design with a rhinestones :D This pic also was took with my new phone :D

    Thats it for now! Have a great week!


    Hello everyone! For the last few months I've did my toe nails kindda normal shape. Because I always had a "grow-in" edges and finally they began growing absolutely normally :D Yay! Kindda excited coz I don't have all those unpleasant and painful feelings anymore! So now I can make some pedicures and toe nail arts :D Very happy :D And here it is...



    Catherine Arley Nail Lacquer #706

    Acril Paint in Emerald Green

    Emily Nail Enamel #2

    HOW TO DO:

    1. Apply light yellow nail polish as a background color.

    2. With a thin detail brush draw some petals kindda shapes on big toes and make some random dots on the rest of toes.

    3. Seal everything with a yellow glittery (jelly consistency) nail polish.

    Pedi Art 



    Emily Nail Enamel #47

    HOW TO DO:

    1. Apply bright orange nail polish as a background color.

    2. Sponge some white polish on the tips of toes.

    3. Apply jelly glittery orange polish on top of everything.

    4. Make some zebra print on top of the white tips and apply top coat on.

    Zebra Stripes

    The Face Shop nail polish from Lovely Me:ex collection in GR502 + China green flakies nail polish (no name)


    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex collection nail polish in PP403 + Loreal Magic Color Crystal Sparkling nail polish


    Golden Rose nail polish #18 + Needme Golden glitters nail polish #327


    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in BL602 + Golden Rose #111 rainbow glitters nail polish


    This one looks a little bit bad because of the sponge effect. I sponged creame white nail polish all over my toes and put on some water decal with a fruits. Yeah... sponged toes looks not good on me lol~

    Fruit Water Decal

    I think thats everything I wanted to show. And because I don't have a camera right now, mine is broken :( I can't post a new pics with my nails, just sharing with what I have :P

    Next blog update will be about my nail care with some naked nail pictures.

    Thanx for looking and have a nice day <3

Diamond Rings Designs

    Diamond rings designs, the hardest known material is pure carbon, crystallized under very high pressure and temperature. In nature, as there is a unique environment, at depths of 150 to 200 km below the surface of the earth. Volcanic eruptions drive the diamond bearing rocks called "kimberlite" and "lamproite" to the surface of the land where diamonds can be extracted.

    Among the different types of jewelry in which the diamond has played a leding, none is of greater human interest than the smallest of all the diamond rings given to pledge to seal a love and marriage. Seen in historical perspective, the modern engagement ring is the latest link in a long line to go far in the past. Rings as forms of adornment dates back several millennia, but the earliest surviving writings that rings as a symbol of love of the roman playwright plautus are in the second century ace, 10 and wedding rings are known from inscriptions in recorded cases marriage contracts sealed in the presence of the image of the emperors.

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Cracking Black Nail Polish

    HI everyone! Just a very quick update for my recent manicure. This BK cracking nail polish I've got from my very dear friend Thriszha :D And I very do like it! It cracks very nicely!

    Also I got questions about my nails and I'm gonna to do a blog post with my naked nails and nail care very soon.

    Cracking Nail Polish 

    Black Cracking Nail Polish

    Thats it for now. Thanx for looking and have a great day :D


    HELLO everyone!

    First of all I want to share that I found such a nice online shop store for a lot of make-up and nail art stuff! Yay! Just go and check out BornPrettyStore and use 10% OFF Coupon Code PAJ61 :D Worldwide Free Shipping Store!!

    Also I just want to say huge thanx to my new followers and to all my readers for supporting me and my blog. I'm very thankful for ur sweet comments BUT because my google account have some troubles I can't log in and send some words back :( 

    Anyways today I'm back with such cute design which I called "WEDDING STYLE NAILS". I think this design suits nicely for wedding day :P

    Wedding Nail Design


    Frenchi Smart Enamel NAIL GROWTH STIMULATOR

    Golden Rose nail polish #33

    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex collection in WH002

    AISAI clear nail polish

    3D nail stickers for white flowers and sponge

    HOW TO DO:

    1. Apply ur base coat then use any sheer milky nail polish as background color.

    2. Take a piece of sponge and randomly apply creamy white nal polish on tip of ur nails and a bit above.

    3. Put on some white flower stickers and seal the deal whith a top coat. DONE!

    Wedding Style Nails

    Thas it for this mani. Simple huh? But looks very adorable. Do U think it is?

Unusual Jewellery

    Traditional and retro jewelry has a charisma all its own! If you see your collection of antique and unusual jewellery, you probably think about the kind of thing that comes in the Antique Road Show, jewelry, Faberge, which is highly valued in the parking lot of money, in fact, the vast majority of traditional elements in general, much more modest and affordable. I started at antique fairs in recent years, latest jewellery designs has always been popular, either rings, brooches or necklaces or bracelets. Antique jewelry is typically defined as 100 years or more, while the harvest is usually defined as antique pieces made after the period of modern retro 1940's and up to and including the 1980. It is a broad field, and often the terms are interchangeable. In fact, for those of you on a budget, second hand or pre-loved jewelry as trade prefers to call it, is a great alternative to buying brand new jewelry. I discovered this traditional jewelry is usually well made and attractive too.

    The concept of getting engagement rings or perhaps unusual wedding ring is aa traditional or pre-loved is one thing that could be seen as generally likely to be less expensive compared to the contemporary equivalent, high quality or better still more. There is no doubt that it is nice to be able to think, possibly on the past history of an antique and speculate about the history behind it! So where to find antique jewelry and vintage? Some shops sell second-hand jewelry jewelry, and can be purchased online. When buying antiques, you need to make sure what you are buying, so I always get a proper receipt of the provider demonstrates that the check is authentic. You must indicate the gems used and that any diamonds are genuine and not as substitutes for cubic zirconium. Gold and silver must be verified - all silver and gold is British, but foreign goods such as jewelry from India can not be. An independent evaluation may be worth obtaining in the case of valuables.

    My advice to anyone interested in getting the classic or retro jewelry would study possible. Educate yourself about this and find know what you're looking for. Information is power. It is also nice! Also try this would be to think in classic style. Brand new jewelry that has been created in a design of 60 is also very popular and very often a great value. On my website, multiple vendors are to be attractive beautiful silver necklace jewelry for women, watches and various classic and traditional designs also match almost any preference, whether Victorian, Art Nouveau or Art Deco therefore, go ahead and take a look, please remember to buy all of these providers is kept safe, secure and easy.


    Hey everyone! I have noticed that I can't leave a comments on different google sites but blogspot. Anyways, for my 25th b-day I've made this make-up. Sort of cut the crease look using Sleek palette in Storm and did those nails as well using Olivia nail polish #110 such Barbie Pink color. 

    Hahaha~ I like how looks those fake eyelashes, but I can see nothing through them lol~


    "BEES" nail art design using a water decals. I've got a request for step-by-step for this design. So, I'll try to explain more details






    NEEDME (China Nail Polish) #28

    AISAI #026 (Clear Nail Polish)


    HOW-TO DO:

    1. Apply a base coat and main yellow creame nail polish.

    2. Take a sponge, put on some bright orange color and apply it randomly all over ur nail plate.

    3. Do the same with a white nail polish. Try do not make a huge spots. It must be small and not intrusive.

    4. Seal all this with a nail polish which has some gold glitters, kinnda some honey inspiring.

    5. Put on water decal with bees and apply top coat to finish the manicure.

    Bees Bees

    Thats all for now!

    What do U tink about this design?

Online Jewelry Boxes

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