New Years Snowflake Nails

    I didn't had a chance to change my nails for Christmas but I did them for New Years Eve :) It's frosty white base color with some sponged creme white on top and french tip water decals from KKCETERHK.

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    N.Nail Water Decals French Tip 

    Code: WDB019

    Price: $2.64

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    Here is a little bit closer to the design. It's a sheet of 15 french tip water decals. Just a basic black color with white snowflakes.

    I always thought that my nails are not very large but this decals are too small for my nail plate. What I did I just placed them in the center of my nail tips and with black acrylic paint (any black nail polish will do) and small detail brush filled in nail sides and free edges.

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    And the final look :)

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    Whats on ur nails right now?

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Freehand Pikachu and Christmas gift to myself

    Ok, LOL~ I'm agree with all of U that it's kindda creepy and weird to see this hand, just hand by itself hahaha but I found it soooo useful for freehanding and next time I'm gonna try 3D acrylic designing :) At first it was too weird for me to look at this tool as well and honestly I didn't want
    my kids to see it just to avoid any psychological
    effects. But 
    accidentally my lil' boy took it out from my stash and he was laughing and run to my big Heum and OMG! they both was so exciting to play with it and trying to scary their daddy etc. And now this hand proudly shows off on
    my desk and I can use it whenever I want :) I just 
    explained that this isn't a real hand but dummy :)

    And I already have tried free-handing on that hand and it was very comfy to do a manicure. I rotated it in different directions and angles and just really enjoyed use this tool! Only I wish I could draw something really pretty LOL~

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    I'm still doing project 10 pan because I have to use all those beauty products I have otherwise it simply will
    need to
     throw away. But I decided to make a Christmas gift to myself and bought this nail art pen set from Born Pretty store. It's 24 different colors. The actual nail polish bottle comes in brush and pen shape which is the only reason I bought them :) Also the nail art brush is not too long and I find it more useful. On the bottom of each bottle there is stuck tiny needle just in case if hole in pen will be clogged.

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    There is 8 basic colors. Quite enough of orange shades LOL~

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    Here is more frosty/shimmery finish nail polishes. 7 different, ok almost different colors.

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    And finally my favourites. 9 Glittery nail art polishes. It includes gold and silver holo art pens.

    From this set I tried just basic yellow color and it seems to me quite pigmented but thick consistence.

    Anyways I'm happy with this gift to myself LOL~

    Are U gifting stuff to yourself too?

REVIEW: Practicing Hand

    I'm so suck at free-handing designs and I really want to practice them more but I can't do that on my real nails because simply I don't have a lot of time for playing with failure drawing and such. And I found the best way to
    skills is something else for example nail art training display Practicing Hand from Born Pretty store.

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    Moveable Practice Hand 

    Price: $11.80

    Reusable hand. Can be used for acrylic, gel and designing nails. Perfect for nail art beginners and professional uses.

    Whole length: 25 cm  

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    It looks very close to the real hand, the color of rubber and the actual shape. Only it's a smal version of "human" left hand. All fingers are movable and can be bent not to easy but still I can bend them.

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    This hand has holes for insertion of fake nails. The actual holes holding fake nails very well without glue and it's completely easy to use. Pushing fake nails to the slots not difficult at all without pre-treatment and filing fake nails.

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    OVERALL: I'm really happy with this practicing hand. All it's need just to stock
    more of fake nails. Can't wait to share about my nail painting experience in my next post.

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I ♥ Korea!

    Now it's turn for Korean flag. For Day 28 and inspired by A FLAG nails obviously I was going to do Korean flag inspiration. I love Korea! BUT I'm not ready to wear flags on my nails hahahaha~ So I decided to take white, red, blue and black colors and make something wearable with those colors :)

    In case if U don't know how look Korean flag I stole this picture from someone through Google search***

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    This is design I came up with. I did my best to get precise lines and because I'm not a printing machine it looks different on each nail... Din't took a picture for my left hand tho, I've got a big scratch on the ring finger >_<

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    HOW TO DO this design:

    1. I applied base coat and one coat of white creme nail polish. With a sponge applied shimmer and creme white colors on top.

     2. I made one-stroke blue and red nail tips by using acrylic paints. With detail brush added red shadow on blue part.

    3. With small detail brush draw black smile line and added shadow on red part.

    4. Stick blue, red and black rhinestones to cuticle area and sealed with clear top coat. DONE!

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    That's it! Thanx for looking!


    HeLLo my lovelies! Today is the night before Christmas and I'm so excited! Because this is still my the most favourite holiday since childhood! Everyone is trying to do something special for their dear ones and this makes me so happy. Because at this time people forgive all evil and think only of good! A lot of positive energy flying in the air, I almost can feel it! And I wish the whole world to be so good and happy and kind every weekday! 

    I spent a lot of time today with my friends. They came over to visit me because I was so upset lately, some stupid internet things to which I probably should not pay any attention at all but I'm just a human and I have feelings. So my friends brought a huge Christmas cake to me and gave me a lot of support and a ton of positive energy and I'm so thankfull for that! And tomorrow my husband is going to surprise and take us to the Christmas eve show (LOL~ Yeah, I'm already know but I'm not gonna ruin his plans) so we gonna have a lot of fun time with our family :)

    And I wish to all of U be happy and virtuous! Have a great great great time with people U love! And share some positive and happyness with people who need it! 


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    I've played with Christmas make-up look a few days ago and came up with this look. Not sure if I'll re-do it for the Holiday but I still kindda like the combination of baby pink and blue, very frosty combo, at least for me :)

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    What is ur plans for Christmas? 

    Oh, by the way, don't forget to enter my Fresh Faces give-away :)

Abstract ARTWORK

    HeLLo everyone! Now it's time for another nail challenge entry and for the Day 27 and Inspired by ARTWORK theme I chose really simple picture to grab the main design from cause I'm bad at free-handing and I want my right hand looks quite similar to the left. Anyways here is my nails :)

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    I searched for any abstract artwork and saw this picture ->

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    I decided to make something inspired by this artwork but didn't want completely copy it, so I changed the main colors a little bit.

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    HOW TO DO:

    To make the colors brighter I started of with a creme White nail polish. I applied one coat of The Face Shop WH002 and on top of it I sponged Purple, Orange, Pink and Blue colors at one time. I mean I applied all those colors on a piece of sponge and placed it as one full pattern. It gives more blended effect between all those nail polishes. Sealed it with ARITAUM holo glitters top coat and then with Black acrylic paint and small detail brush I draw those "lines". Finish with a clear fast dry top coat and done!

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    Thats it for today. Hope U like it and got an idea for ur mani :)Thanx for looking and have a bright warm day :)

Fresh Faces Mineral Make-Up

    It always hard for me to choose the right tone of any powders and foundations. I'm between 20 and 21 (Laneige foundation or any Korean make-up brand) 20 is a bit light for me and 21 is too dark LOL~ But I can easily mix and match right color by using just a few different foundations or powders. And never turned out to pick up right shade for mineral powders/foundations. Cause usually swatches on web-sites are not corresponds to the actual/real tone and I stayed away from the shopping of mineral products. But recently  Fresh Faces Minerals contacted me and asked if I would like to try out some products from the web-site and I said YES cause there is a lot of mineral eye shadows available and I was really exciting to use some. And surprisingly I was sent some face powders as well which I'm excited about :)

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    Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides. May contain: ultramarines, chromium oxide green

    Sample size: Net wt. 9g

    Anastacia's experience: It's matching my skin color quite good and seems like I can wear just this shade! I like to apply some concealer before using Fresh Faces Mineral Foundation. I use foundation brush for the mineral powder because I like to pack on the product, it's a bit sheer for me and I prefer more nice opaque (but not heavy) coverage. Definetely buildable foundation but more U apply more it gives pink undertone to the skin. For my oil skin type it works great. My make-up stays on for 6+ hours without any touch-ups whereas before I had to use blotting tissues two times a day. There is no any specific odor and I think I like this product but I wish it has more dense cover.

    Ingredients: Kaolin clay and HDI/Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspolymer (and) Silica

    Sample size: Net wt. 5g

    Anastacia's experience: I've heard some people has an allergic reaction when using silica powder and personally I don't. This powder works very nice for my oily forehead and cheek areas through out the day. It white in color and has a slightly white traces after the application but this is not so much noticeable. I like to dust it only on needed areas of the face with a big powder brush.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

    Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, +/- Iron Oxides, Tin Oxide

    Sample size: Bliss, Flirty e/s Net 1.5g and the rest of the samples Net wt. 1.1g

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

    Anastacia's experience: The eye shadow was swatched on un-primed skin with a flat shadow brush. Direct sun light. On the web-site all the eye shadow pictures looks much darker than it actually is. For example, Flirty eye shadow looks more like dark burgundy sorta color and I got dusty rose shade in the sample jar. But all of them looks much darker and brighter on any creamy texture eye shadow base. Each color I have has slightly shimmer to it. Bermuda Party has green micro shimmers but it's not very significantly on the eyes.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Here is all the swatches using slightly wet brush. All the colors looks much brighter and shimmery. 

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    All product information can be found on the bottom of the jar.

    Sorry guys, I'm a bit lost cause my PC can't read anymore and I started using it through Google Chrome and here are some other functions and everything new to my eyes, so I have to stopp this review here. But I want to say that I'm really enjoy to use of these products! 

    If U already have any stuff from Fresh Faces please let me know what do U think? If not which eye shadow colors U would like to have?

    ThanQ for visiting and have a great day!

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Christmas Candy

    Christmas Candies as nail design for the upcoming holidays! Looks very cute on the nails, feels festively and my sister having a lot of fun wearing them.

    To create them I did red and green french tips and applied red glitters on creme red polish and green glitters obviously on green. With white acrylic paint and small detail brush I drawn white "candy" stripes. Put gold nail polish to the french tip line BUT I don't suggest do it cause this type of gold color make the hands looks sick in either case, it can be replaced by a thin line of gold color. And I applied Collection 2000 shimmer top coat to make it more frosty looking and added candy water decals on ring and thumb fingers. To seal the design I used just a clear top coat.

    Of course U can freehand candies if don't have those decals but I wasn't sure if I draw them and it will look more or less wearable. I'm not good at all in free-handing designs and this mani should be good enough for wearing, cause I did this for my sister.

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    Thats all for Christmas Candies for today. Hope U guys like it, please LMK what do U think?

    ThanQ for looking and have a great weekend U all! 

Nail Challenge: Inspired by A PATTERN

    For the day 26 of the nail challenge I chose the pattern below ***took from Google search***

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    I "copied" black elments for my nails using black acrylic paint and small detail brush. And for the main color I decided to use turquoise nail polish just wanted something different from all those wintery manicures. And this particular shade always remind me of warmth in the tropics. To make it more interesting I added turquoise flakies nail polish and green hexagon glitters from kkcenterhk. Added a little of blue glitters to the black lines and done.

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    Btw, my cuticles looks greasy because I spent a lot of time outside and they looked very-very dry. It's so cold recently, in my place where we basically don't have snow and intense cold right now -8 °C. So I back home and used a loooot of hand cream and cuticle moisturizer and then took some pictures :)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thats it for my weekend nails. Hope U guys like it and got an idea for ur next mani :)

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