It's hard for me to focus on this nail design because I'm doing another one which is for Valentine's Day. But I hope U like my NOTD and please let me know what do U think?


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    One sheet of 3 different laces. The size is 1.5cm x 15cm.

    It's really great product for the price. But I have to say that I spent a lot of time just to stick the stickers on my nails. The edges of the lace always come
    unstuck and I honestly recommend using a nail glue or tacky/old clear polish to stick them. Because the lace is kinda thick sticker by itself and can't stay put on with a usual top coat. Also for my design one lace stripe was enough for only one hand. It's bothered me to have different pattern on my other hand and I removed this design :(

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    For this mani I applied 2 coats of pearl white nail polish and sponged creme white on top. With small detail brush and black acrylic paint I drawn 2 thick lines perpendicular to each other. Stick lace stickers and added black rhinestones. Sealed everything with clear top coat and done :)

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    I'm sorry again for the bad lighting. It's so gloomy out there, no sunshine and general lack of

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    Do U like wearing lace design on ur nails?

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