I do like Smurfs and I really wanted to get them for the nail design but I'm completely suck at free-handing. So the best way to kill two
    with one
    stone is water decals :) I love water decals and I can't stress enough how great they are! So many different images and shapes. 

    For this SMURFS design I just sponged creme white nail polish, added a little bit of creme green on the nail tips. And with green and yellow acrylic paint drawn a few stripes for the grass. Stick water decals and done! Super easy and very cute, huh?

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    N.Nail THE SMURFS water decals

    Price: $6.00

    Code: WDDK127

    Available: KKCENTERHK

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    20 images water decals. Papa Smurf, Baby Smurf, Gargamel and Smurfette.

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    I already have tried a lot of different water decals from N.Nail and all of them are very good quality. They don't smeared when apply top coat. Also any top coat works great for this decals. There is so many different images which can suit absolutely all types and styles.

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    Don't forget to use my cupon code for 10 % OFF on KKCENTERHK. Look at the side bar ->

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