Black Magnetic Nail Polish

    I'm so sooo exciting about new trend (oh, at least new for me) of magnetic nail polishes. It always looked 3D and unique to me so finally I had a chance to try out some on myself :) 

    OUQIAN Black magnetic nail polish #007

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    Code: OUQIAN-MGT-007

    Price: $12.00

    Net: 12ml

    Available: KKCENTERHK

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    This nail polish has a little bit of shimmer to it and wearable just by itself without any magnetic effects. Not very black shade tho, it looks more dark grey metallic color. It has regular nail polish brush and quite dense texture. One coat of nail polish looks opaque enough. 

    It's pretty easy to use: apply one coat of the nail polish wait untill it completely dry. Apply second coat and put the nails under magnet for about 5-15 seconds depending on how dramatic the result desired. For example: my index finger I kept under magnet for about 15 secs and the middle finger something about 5 secs. The
    longer time under magnets
    , the more dramatic result will be
    achieved. The only thing that magnets doesn't included to this nail polishes, it 
    sold separately! I will be doing a review for them too.

    To remove them I used just my regular nail polish remover.

    TIP: shake before use very-very well because all the metallic pieces settle on
    the bottom of the nail polish.

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    Have U tried any magnetic nail polishes? Which colors do U like more?

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