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    I have a lot of different acrylic paints which I use for my nail art and tried all those different textures like oil based paints, water based and clay based. And most of all I wanted to try out OUMAXI set. Because it became very popular and a lot of people like it. So I took a quick look at the kkcenterhk web-site and was completely interested in metallic gold and silver paints. The swatches was really nice and pigmented. But when I got my set there wasn't any gold or silver colors at all. Seriously don't know why, but on the web-site there is completely random paints swatched, at least I think so. Also I didn't got a yellow color tho... Anyways, meet my new acrylic paints ->

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    Price: $26.32

    Available: KKCENTERHK

    12 colors acrylic gel.

    Net: 22ml each tube

    Without any YELLOW paint.

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    A bit closer to the acrylic set. All of them are basic creme colors. Very nice and bright paints.

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    "Cool" side of the set. I like that pink. I have 3 other acrylic sets and non of them has a pink shade. So now I have my own Barbie-ish color :)

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    I played with some of OUMAXI colors and found that not all of them evenly pigmented. I mean light blue, black and white paints are really nice and opaque and royal blue and pink paints are more sheer and it need 2 coats for smooth application.

    I also have tried them for one-stroke technique and the texture is a bit thick. So I mixed them with a little bit water and only after that I was able to use them for one-stroke.

    One-stroke "BUTTERFLIES"

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    All the butterflies should look like this on my thumb finger but general view wasn't too bad LOL~

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    This is my current mani. I've tried to use detail brush for the acrylic paints and I like it a lot! The application goes very smooth without any bumps and it dries quite fast too.

    My nails finally getting longer and I'm happy :)))

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    OVERALL: I do like this acrylic paints! And I can forgive and do it without any yellow shades in the set because as I said before I have a lot of other paints already. And for those who just started doing nail art I suggest to go to ur craft store and buy more cheap acrylic paints to play with at first and then if U'd like something special for nails I do recommend OUMAXI.

    Have U tried OUMAXI acrylic paints already? Do U like them?

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